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Specific Diseases of the ...
I would like to know what is the best way to protect ones lungs and capacity to breathe? I am not a smoker- and do not hang around smoke- when near by more... expired Jan 2nd
have been having left side pain for about bout two weeks, I went to the ER a week ago and they did a CT scan that showed an enlarged spleen. They sai more... expired Feb 24th
The last couple of weeks I have had a dry cough. Sometimes I cough up a green sputum. A hand full of times that green sputum has been laced with a rus more... expired Feb 1st
an 80year old smoker came with a complaint of hemoptysis for 2weeks.on examination,monophonic wheeze was observed in the infraclavicular area. what is more... expired Jan 25th
My name is kirby and I am a 24 year old female with asthma. I am leaving for sunday morning and am not sure if I should make a trip into the more... expired Dec 9th
- Symptoms: dry coughing when lying down (feeling that something gets stuck at the back of throat, inducing the cough), yellow phlegm (with a tinge of more... expired Dec 5th
i have a opposite sex partner, she has history of tuberculosis....although she said that she was been cured before..i am still afraid and confused if more... expired Sep 10th
Finding it hard to breathe in the mornings & throughout the night. I wake up with a horrible cough that goes on forever until I cough up mucus. Th more... expired May 31st
I don\\\'t have any medical experience but my father (although he insists nothing is wrong) has had breathing problems for quite some time. He has bee more... expired Jan 23rd
i made spirometry and the results were as following:
fvc 4.56 93%
fev1 3.22 79%
fev1/fvc% 69 more...
expired Oct 29th
My little guy seems to have the croup, has a hard time breathing--what should I do to help him sleep? How serious is the croup? Should I have him se more... expired Oct 20th
I have recently been discharged from a week long hospitalization for respiratory problems. While in the hospital I received IV antibiotics as well as more... expired Sep 3rd
Hello Doctor,

My friend has been detected with Lung Cancer, Stage 2. She is a non-smoker and is aged 28. She had been to TATA Memorial Centr more...
expired Jul 31st
I have been diagnosed with a specific polysaccharide antibody deficiency (pneumococcal serotypes) and self-administer weekly Viva Globin infusions to more... expired Apr 28th
based on my x-rays its show that i have minimal fibrohazed densities in the right apex. What does it mean? more... expired Apr 20th

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